**Consigner drop-offs will be June 3rd-5th**


** We will be excepting Adult name brand clothing in our upcoming sale-must be current style clothing**(purchased new in the past two-three years and approved at our discretion)


**25 item limit per gender on adult & Jr clothing and 10 item limit per gender on all shoes**

(To ensure Quality over Quantity!)

- New & Gently-Used  Clothing, shoes and accessories ~ size Newborn to Adults

*Spring/Summer clothing(No jackets, heavy winter clothing)*
- Formal attire for proms, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, holidays and portraits 
- Maternity, Nursing, & Post-partum Clothing
- Diaper Bags
- Strollers, Baby Carriers and Slings
- Furniture: Cribs, Mattresses, Changing Tables, Gliders, Toddler Beds, Dressers, Small chairs, Etc.
-Custom and Name Brand Bedding, Room & Wall Decor, Rugs, Window treatments and other coordinating items (include a photo if possible to show assembly) 
- DVD Movies in new or excellent condition
- Halloween costumes, tutus, other whimsical dress-up
- Sportswear, Girl & Boy Scout Uniforms, Dance & Recital Outfits
- Toys, Games, Puzzles & Crafts
- Large Outdoor & Indoor Play Structures, Slides, Climbing Structures, playhouses, dollhouses, etc. 
- Bikes, Scooters, Tricycles, Motorized Cars, Ride-On Toys, etc.
- Baby gear such as exersaucers, bouncy seats, swings, pack 'n plays, play gyms, bumbos, high chairs, baby gates, etc. in excellent condition (current within last 3 years)  
- Home School Supplies and Unused Workbooks
- Infant/Childrens/Tweens BOOKS - must be in excellent condition - no crayon marks, tears, etc.

- Feeding Accessories

- Housewares


- Any dropside crib.

- Any carseat or booster seat that was previously involved in any automobile accident.
- VHS movies

- Plush/Stuffed animals, with exception of Build-A-Bear or similar brands

- Undergarments that have been worn


- Please print on white or light colored 60-67# cardstock paper.

- Silver safety pins – no small gold or straight pins allowed

- Price your items at 25% to 33% of retail

- Seal Ziploc bags with clear packing tape

- Use the Draft or Normal print setting on your printer. This is important for the barcode to be printed clear enough to scan.

- Children's outfits sell better than separates

- Use plastic or wire hangers

- Turn off all Pop-Up Blockers before printing

- Clothes must be hung so that the hangers look like a question mark (?)

- Use child sized plastic or wire hangers and face them like a question mark (?).

- Using white cardstock paper, pin the tag to the top right hand side of the garment 
as you are looking at it.


- When it is 2 pcs, pin the waist of the bottoms to the shirt at the top of the hanger. 

- When including an accessory, put it in a ziploc bag and seal with clear packing tape. 

- Pin the white cardstock tag thru the bag and onto the garment in the upper right hand side – as you are looking at it.

- When hanging bottoms, pin the item at the waist and attach the top of the hanger.

- When you have a group of accessories, toys, etc… put in the appropriate sized ziploc bag and seal with clear packing tape.

- Attach the tag on the bag with the packing tape as well.

- Make sure your toy is clean and ALL parts are included. If you have parts that go along with the toy, put them in the appropriate sized ziploc and attach it with clear packing tape. Use the packing tape to adhere the parts ONTO the toy, so they won’t separate from each other. Use the packing tape to adhere the tag as well.


​- Make sure all items requiring batteries are in working condition!